What Taidian is|Tai Dian Massage Salon

We have had a business alliance with Wat Pho Thai Traditional Medical School that was opened in Wat Pho where is known as the Temple of the huge golden Reclining Buddha. We introduce the home of Thai traditional massage skills. Thai traditional massage is effective for not only stiff necks and back pains, but also mental stresses. Please enjoy our Thai traditional massage to heal your physical and mental stresses.

The principle of opening the Tai Dian is that our customers have “a relaxing time as a reward for everyday life”.

The interior of Tai Dian is designed on the concept of “Smile Country Thai”. We directly import furniture and interiors such as antiques, crafts, Buddha, and even massage wears from Thailand. We install those furniture and interiors into Tai Dian and you can see those furniture and interiors everywhere in our salons.  We provide essences of tropical Thailand resort.

In addition, we consider all our customers are able to relax through the five senses with our service such as subdued interior light which appeal sight, healing music which appeal to the ear, refreshing massages which appeal to tactile, F&B which tempt the appetite, and aroma which simulate the sense of small.

In our Supreme healing space, you can resolve your fatigue, stiffness, and stress. You can spend luxury time and you would even forget your daily life.