Taidian's concept|Tai Dian Massage Salon

According to philosophy of the Thai medal community, all creation is made by four elements which are “Land”, ”water”, ”wind”, and “fire”. When mentally and physically healthy, each of four elements vitalizes. When being in bad health or unhealthy, we lose balance, and four elements would create pain.

On the other hand, “herbal medicine” “Acupuncture”, and “Tuina” is the most famous and main three therapies in China. Especially, the Tuina adjust physical balances, and increase self-healing based on a theory of “being able to recover from illness if healthy”.

Tai Dian style health massage is the fusion of those two oriental and traditional methods.

Moreover, those methods plus the heart of Japanese style hospitality, and all customers relax mentally and physically. This is the “Tai Dian style” relaxation.