Customer's flow|Tai Dian Massage Salon

1.Front desk Welcome!
Let me explain our course menus.
Feel free to tell us which your body parts are tired or what kind of massage you want.

2.Guide Guide you to a massage room.
Please change to a massage wear in this room.

3.Foot Spa First, warms your foot for better blood circulation because increase the massage effect.

4.Treatment Please relax and enjoy our treatment.

5.After treatment We have café space
All courses include a light meal, a salad, a dessert, and one drink.Please enjoy our F&B service after treatment.
Please enjoy our F&B service after treatment.
(Silver or gold members are available for all you can eat)

6.Check out We are available for cash or credit card payment.
How did you like our treatment today? If you can cooperate for a customer survey, we will give you 10% a discount coupon.
We would like to know your opinion.

Thank you for coming to our salon.
We are looking forward to see you again.