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Greeting from director

Dalian Seikou International trade Inc. always thinks what we can do or what we should do for “satisfaction of customers”. Today, Chinese social situation has been drasticallychanged. Accordingly, Chinese people’s stress is increased. The needs of the relaxation industry will be diversification and the needs will be going even more. The relaxation industry gives healing, health and happiness to people in the non-routine space, so I think the relaxation business is the best business.

“Tai Dian Massage Salon” has expanded business for healing customers mentally and physically in order to make a smile. Since its opening, we are supported by a lot of people. From now on, we should keep developing to satisfy all our customers. A thing that does not change or should not change to develop is “heart”. The Japanese style hospitality, a Chinese traditional massage skill, smiley healing space, and Fusion of Thailand traditional massage and heart full service; those are Tai Dian massage salon concept. Moreover, the most important thing is “people”. We believe our mission is that improve image of massage industry by developing hospitalities and skills.

We wish to be as a company where “people” can grow up byenhancing “heart” each other, and we will continue to work hard to meet costumer’s expectation and trust.