Franchise salon|Tai Dian Massage Salon

To peoplewho are currently managing a massage salon.

・Sales are not increasing as much as expected
・Has no effect on advertisement
・Small numbers of visit
・Low repeat rate
・Business in a rut, and lost customers
・Has no time to train employees
・Want to differentiate from other salons
・Want renewal
・Want more salons

To people in different industry

・Want to open a massage salon but do not have know-how
・Do not know how to apply permission
・Want to start business because have self-owned property

“Tai Dian massage salon” consults sole proprietorship that has those problems

Tai Dian Massage Salon Franchise System

Tai Dian massage salon will support franchise management owners using by know-how of a wealth business experience in Japan and under direct management of salon’s successful experience. Owners can manage salons without anxiety because we have complete follow-up system such as a development of service which meets the customer’s needs, promotional tools, and etc. We work for improvement of healthy and comfortable life, and the local community. We will grow and go forward with FC owners.

・Using brand image of Tai Dian
・Salon development by quality design and construction management under the supervision of Japanese
・Introduce lawyers, accountants, and licensed tax accountants
・Stuff training (skills, language, manner training))
・Using sales promotion tools, website, attracting customers system
・Sharing information

Please feel free to contact us for any questions.

Please contact our FC department

Phone number 0411-8231-3385
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