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[2017/08/02]Announcement of new store「Zhong Shan Road Ji Hotel Salone」 OPEN

Dear Customer,


Thank you very much for your continued patronage.
Well, on August 8, 2017 (Tuesday), thank you for your assistance, on the 5th floor of 「JI Hotel」 between 「Central Plaza Hotel」 and 「DALIAN ROYAL HOTEL」 on the right of the Dalian MORI Building, We will open a new store 「Zhong Shan Road Ji Hotel Salone」.


It would be greatly appreciated to everyone living in Dalian that you can relax and enjoy the tiredness every day.
Also, please drop in when you come to Dalian by work or sightseeing.

We are waiting for you from the same staff.


<Zhong Shan Road Ji Hotel Salone>
Address: 143 No. 2 Zhong Shan Road, Xigang District
Placemark: Near the Qing Niwa Bridge, next to the DALIAN ROYAL HOTEL, Opposite the Hope Plaza
Phone: 0411-8265-6533/0411-8265-8533
Map: http: // DhuL