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[2013/04/02]Tai Dian Massage salon 6 years Anniversary April Special EVENT

Tai Dian 6years anniversary  April Special EVENT

Tai Dain massages salon opened April 20th 2007

We have 6 years anniversary on April, so we have special event this month for our all customers.


Event 1

Buy 5000RMB VIP card

→6000 RMB value + 1000RMB new massage free ticket


Event 2

Thai massage or Aroma oil massage 1 hour  (Normally 150RMB/ hour)

Event price→1200RMB / 60 min × 10 Times


Event 3

Foot massages 45 min + Chinese body massage 45min (Normally 140RMB)

Event price→1100RMB / 90 min × 10 Times


Spend 1000RMB each; you can get one times drawing chance


Dalian prize list

No. 1   Mini I pad

No. 2   A golf bag

No. 3   A  golf wear

No.4   Esthetic beauty salon Free ticket  or  480RMB Thai goods

No.5   Cosmetics and discount ticket


Shen Yang Prize list

No.1        Kempinski hotel  sweet room ticket

No.2        Kempinski hotel  pair dinner ticket

No.3        Gift ticket   500RMB value × 3people

No.4        Tai Dian massage ticket 200RMB value × 5 people

No.5        Tai Dian massage ticket 100RMB value × 10 people


  We are looking forward to see you